Update! Make note of CANCELLATION!

Be advised that unfortunately, the Temecula Valley Indie Christian Writers Conference and Book Fair scheduled for March 18 th – 20th, 2016 has been canceled. Maybe next time!

However, please mark your Calendar! Black Writers on Tour / Black Business Expo of Southern California is scheduled for Saturday, April 30th, 2016  from 9am – 6 pm.  at the Carson Community Center in Carson, CA   EXCITING!

Upcoming Literary Events Spring 2016

Southern California! I’m so thrilled to announce the following Upcoming Literary Events >

March 18th – 20th, 2016The Temecula Valley Indie Christian Writers Conference and Book Fair – for more information, please contact > info@inkandkeys.org

April 30th, 2016 > Black Writers on Tour – Carson Community Center – Carson, CA

please log onto http://www.blackwritersontour.com for more information

Thank you! to everyone who has purchased, read and reviewed my Title – “The Search for Sunshine” looking forward to seeing you at these Events! Come out and meet Authors, Writers, Publishers… and Browse the Book Fair! There are Genres for everyone! Peace and Blessings!

Read a Sample…

She knew now. She knew the truth…

“Sunshine” got it. The mother that “never was” didn’t find them important enough to fight for them, and there wasn’t a “daddy” that ever wanted them, or what they stood for… no, this was bigger than her. This was about the things that men and women do, in secret. This was a lesson about the failure to remain committed to something you started, and the repercussions that would fall on the innocent… they were the “children” conceived “outside” of the relationships their fathers were in… never to be spoken about, or acknowledged in any way. They were the “Ishmael’s” born to the “Hagar’s” of Genesis… symbolically sent away so they wouldn’t be constant reminders of the “sin” they were conceived in. She understood now, that the life her parents had, was not the one she should have even wanted, because she wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place…

This is the poignant tale of three fragmented lives as told through the eyes of a child. Sunshine’s need to protect her brothers becomes the catalyst for her own will to survive in the unwelcoming world they suddenly find themselves thrust into…

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  • “This genuine and painfully expressive story brought not only tears, but smiles as well. I was taken into a time and place of my own childhood with the language and ambiance. a classic memoir of survival, penned by an excellent writer…”

– Corina Real, Pupil Services Technician

  • “This Author poured her heart and soul into “The Search for Sunshine”. From a totally different perspective, I’ve lived the other end of this life as a Social Worker and then as a Supervising Social Worker for fifteen years over the course of my professional career, and so many times I wondered if I was leaving children in the hands of the likes of Hatie & William without realizing it. However, I knew this one thing… when I would see them again, I would talk to them (the children) ALONE, and if possible, away from the home. Unfortunately, this is the one opportunity (for intervention) Sunshine and Albert often missed. The Author went deep into her childhood to give rich experiences of what the Foster Care System really can be like on both ends of the Spectrum. There are those who are in the business (of Fostering) for the wrong reasons (ie., Hattie), but then there are those who really want to love on children because they have a lot of love to give, thus… Mama. This is truly an amazing story.”

–  Makeba Hale-Jones, M.A. Behaviorial Science

M.A. Science in Education

  • “The Search for Sunshine” is a quick read with a deep message about the innocence of children lost in the darkness of unforeseen circumstance… not being ‘wanted’ or ‘cared for’ by their own parents. As an educator, it’s a hard reality that often children and their home situations are glossed over by others, yet we know many students like Sunshine. The Author reminds us of the importance of nurturing and the impact adults have over the developing minds of children. We must acknowledge, as a society, that each individual has a secret, a pain, and a story to tell, unique to his or her own personal feelings and experiences. We must tell the “Sunshines” of the world as well as all children three things: you are valued; you will do great things; and most importantly, Thank You… for allowing me to be worthy of your trust.”

– Sherri Cvijanovich, Educational Specialist

Master of Science in Special Education

  • “This Author’s chronicle of her journey through childhood was tragic, but through her storytelling, we get a sense of forgiveness and hope, and a gentle but unmovable strength of character that has no doubt carried her through life. Her autobiography is compelling. I couldn’t wait to turn to the next page, and I hope she returns to let us know the outcome to this amazing little girl’s life.”

– Kathleen Hunn, Educational Counselor