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About the Author…

L. D. Stephens Author

Author’s Bio…

L. Dene’t Stephens resides in Southern California and aspires to be known as a Christian Motivational Writer. She is an Ordained Deaconess and has served as a Women’s Christian Educational Instructor and Coordinator, considering herself a Lifelong Bible Student. She is a MEMBER of the Association of Independent Authors and has other projects in the works, including a collection of Poetry.  “The Search for Sunshine” is the poignant tale of three fragmented lives as told through the eyes of a child.  Sunshine’s need to protect her brothers becomes the catalyst for her own will to survive…

She is following a “calling” and has been described as a “prolific writer”, able to convey a story line that leaves her reader grappling with emotions, and yearning for more…

…known to “mentor”, “minister” and maybe do a little “meddlin”…

…”mzstephens” has developed such an uncanny talent for subtlety injecting humor into her own “philosophies about life”, so much so, that it’s quite capable one may have been given either a tongue lashing, or a lesson, whichever the occasion may require – while not even realizing it…

“her ambitions”…      are –

To be a member of a Community of Writers, who – desire an opportunity to develop and display our Craft.  To be understood, and appreciated by my peers.  Some of us have Voices that would never be heard without the Forum for us to write…  “this” is our “language”.   We are the “analytical”, the “gifted”, the “healed”, the “heartbroken”, the “newly in love”, the “poets”, the “lyricists”, the “songstress”, the “survivors”,  the “wounded”,  the ones who “yearn to tell our stories”, … whose hands speak  with an unpretentious love of this eloquent form of communication that only the discerning can appreciate.  We are the ones whose vocabularies allow us to depict our emotions for you… page after page, chapter after chapter, creating within them an amplification for every one of your senses to absorb, observe, to find a common ground in, to reject, or if necessary – even to exploit.  In essence, writers possess an ability to commandeer your attention with the beginning of a story, to bind you up and hold you captive throughout it, to heal and nurture as they reach a certain crescendo within it… or to ultimately, let you go – the recipient of a much needed –  “message.”   We are the “Prayer Warriors” and we are  those who don’t “believe”… “yet”… , We are the ones who may not have the ability, or may not desire to articulate in the  sultry, salaciously verbal finesse of what has become a commonplace occurrence as our society shifts towards the habit of being vainly visible and ostentatiously vocal without saying or meaning, or contributing… “much of anything” at all.  We are those that throughout our lifetimes, may have to indulge in various unsatisfying, and unsubstantiated careers, but who will always harbor this one “ambition”…  to write…       L. Dene’t Stephens – Author


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Read Reviews on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Search-Sunshine-L-Den%C3%A9t-Stephens/dp/1628541504/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1410323654&sr=1-1&keywords=the+search+for+sunshine


One thought on “About the Author

  1. Awesome read. This book tugs at your heartstrings. You truly feel every moment of this emotional story. I didn’t want to put the book down.


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